A Dream

Last night i had a dream

I was watching my reflection on the stream

Deeply dejected and unsound

I was not aware of the things going around

It started raining all of a sudden

It woke me from my string of thoughts

I looked around i was all alone

And chance of finding a stay seemed none

To find a place to take shelter from the rain

I ran around looking for it but in vain

Lightning flashed and thunder roared

All i wanted was to go back home

I couldn’t find my way in the middle of the storm

It seem like i will never get home

The roaring wind stopped my way

And the slanting drops blurred my vision

the trees were swaying like grass in breeze

The dark clouds have engulfed the sun

The fury of nature was unleashed on me

I felt like soon,there will be no me

I tried and tried to go forward

But i was humbled by mother nature

I closed my eyes and stopped struggling

I let myself go with the wind

The rain  stopped and the storm had gone

When i opened my eyes i was home

Mikhael Movie Review …with spoilers

Dear friends after watching this movie ,the first thing i asked myself is ,where is this story happening?? it cannot be, anyplace in this world or any other known or unknown…apparently this story happens in a Dystopian place somewhere in Kerala where injustice is normal and police will either perpetuate it or help you do it in style with slow motions and great background score by Gopi sunder. ..Mikhael the protagonist played by Nivin Pauli is a doctor.some bad people are trying to kill his sister Jenny ,and Mikhael like the guardian angel protects her every time..why they are trying to kill jenny and how Mikhael protects her from the bad guys…. this my friends is Mikhael -Guardian Angel for you.


Needless to say that the story is quite predictable…the only thing that we are waiting for is when and where are the things that we already know are going to happen…

.we have seen similar themes before in many films…there are too many loose ends which forces us to not believe in the story.

i think the characters dont have depth and unnecessary characters are included which made too many loose ends.charachters like suraj venjaramood doesn’t have any motivation to help mikhayel but he is doing it just because he want to hear the story about him from his senior.he is convinced too soon and too easy which i think is a major flaw in the movie.

historically in Malayalam movies  doctors are either depicted as too self righteous or scum of the society who is all about money. this movie is also not any different in perpetuating stereotypes about doctors and police.depicting reality is not the need but could have omitted the stereo types.

my most memorable scene from the movie is the one in which sidhique is talking to kpac lalitha about his son ,after his son is dead.

the  writer done a below average job


I think Haneef Adeni is a good director.though there is nothing new in it,predictability of the story ,he is able to entertain the audience with being truthful to his strengths i.e to provide mass scenes to the audience and pulling them off in style.i think he has got the knack to pull off hits which are pure entertainers.i think Haneef Adeni is an above average director who need a better script writer. the right script can do wonders for this man.


I think the editing is fine.

Music & Background Score

Gopi Sunder have done a fine job in the background score…though there is not much scope for music in this thriller one song is there which is alright .it is the background score that sells the movie .could have used silence in a few places where background sounds could have avoided.


Nivin Pauli,Sidhique,J.D Chakravarthy , Kishore ,Navani Devanand have done their job well….KPAC Lalitha,Shanthi Krishna ,Ashokan,Suraj Venjaaramoodu,Baiju,Kalabhavan Shajon have limited space to perform so as the rest of the cast…..Unni Mukundan’s villain is the biggest let down.other than showing his well maintained body and cool fighting skills there is nothing in it.

overall if you are a Nivin Pauli / Unni Mukundan fan you may like this film because everything fans expect from a movie is there in it….it is a one time watch mass entertainer movie


story- 2/5



music and background score- 3/5


overall rating – 2.5/5



Chandrolsavam – An in-depth analysis

Silma Reviews

In Malayalam cinema, there is no ordinary everyday love. It’s always the flawless protagonists falling in flawless love with some poetic adjectives thrown around. One such flawless (also, pointless) love story is Chandrolsavam.

chandrolsavam movie poster

Now, first things first. Chandrolsavam is a movie which has no pretensions on the position of women in this society. This was early 2000s, and director Ranjith gave no flying fuck about women.

ranjith and women chandrolsavam

A minute or two into the movie, we realize it; the lead woman, Indu, is just a body desired by men in the village. She is apparently in love with Chirakkal Srihari, something that the entire village knows about. But her fiancee gives zero fucks, because he knows the woman will come his way after she has his children. Not my reading, he literally spills it out.

As we eagerly wait to know who this Srihari is, a drunken middle aged guy starts a…

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Four books i read last year(2016)

1)When Breath Becomes Air

i think it is a really touching account of a neurosurgeon Dr paul kalanithi.his life and when he discovers that he have cancer and how he faces it and eventually succumbs to the disease.it made me emotional a couple of times .what makes our life worth living.do we really value our life so many questions arise while reading this one.when-breath-becomes-air

2)The Ivory Throne-The chronicles of The House of Travancore

i decided to read this after seeing an interview of the author mr manu .s .pillai who is a very young gentleman about 25 years old.this book tells the story of the forgotten queen of Travancore rani sethu Lakshmi bayi who was the last queen of travancore.the author did extensive research for writing this book which is quite evident while you read it.it will definitely amaze you


3) Annihilation of Caste

This is actually an undelivered speech of Dr B.R Ambedkar  The speech was prepared as the presidential address for the annual conference of a Hindu reformist group Jat-Pat Todak Mandal, on the ill effects of caste in Hindu society.The irony is that After his invitation to speak at the conference was withdrawn due to the address’s “unbearable” content .so he published the speech as a book.the new book have an additional content an introduction by ARUNDHATI ROY which is equally brilliant.if you read this book i am sure that your view about a lot of things are going to change


4)Medicine and Compassion

This is a book which i recommend for everyone who is a caregiver to somebody.not just doctors ,nurses and medical professionals but everyone who cares for somebody. the book explains the basics of the belief system, including the concepts of impermanence, attachment, suffering, and “emptiness suffused with compassion.” Emphasizing that the Buddhist idea of “empty mind” and compassion are essentially innate and indistinguishable, the book offers simple meditation practices and visualizations (mostly having to do with concentrating on breathing) as a direct way to cultivate “nonconceptual compassion.”the book is written by a tibetan buddhist monk and a doctor.you will definitely feel a change after reading this.





This movie has many layers,it discuss various topics in it .

There is an increasing trend in our country to suppress dissent by force or by any other means.

this movie discusses the plight of the people living in the forest.in the name of development when we are busy destroying forest which is essential for our existence they made it their home and is fighting a lone battle to protect them.even after doing all this atrocities we have the audacity to call them jungli,maoist etc and call us the modern man.

the various topics that this movie handles is quite relevant.climate change is a reality and the thin balance of nature is getting affected.the forest which is left with us we need to protect it for our future generations or else we are definitely not going to survive.

the movie has a slow pace but patience gives us the best results, this movie will give you good impression in the end.

the story is realistic and relevant and takes place inside the forest.

The characters are believable and are casted brilliantly.both the protagonist have given a brilliant performance.

i am not sure about the background music.it could have been better i feel.i really liked the theme music though.

the movie is part of various international film festivals already.i feel that anybody who have the patience to spent some time for a realistic movie which is also an interesting watch should go for it.if you don’t like slow-paced movie may be this is the right time to change your mind you wont regret it.

A Story about Faith

leap-of-faithThis is a story i heard during our usual sunday prayer service in church by our parish priest.we were planning to build a new church because our old church was pretty old and was in a bad shape.some of the people were against building this church because it needed lots of money and most of the people were poor fishermen who could only afford their daily bread with much difficulty.we decided to build the church anyway with small monthly contribution from each family till we have enough money to start building the church.each month our priest will announce the monthly contribution by the families.he noticed that the contribution over a couple of months were decreasing rather than increasing.even those people who initially were willing to contribute were not paying their dues.we were in a difficult situation .on the next sunday prayer service he started off with telling us a story

Once upon a time there was this fisherman.he was doing alright when this storm and rain came .he couldn’t go fishing for days.after someday the storm was gone and sky was clear so he went fishing but came back empty handed.

next day again he met with same result.

this time he was desperate. after casting the net couple of times he couldn’t catch anything .he was disappointed .he decided to pray to god.he prayed….. god if you give me a good catch today i will contribute half of my earning to the church. he cast his net one last time, after that he decide to turn back. to his amazement he got two big fish which could fetch him a great deal of money.

he was very happy.he started to row his boat back to the shore.the fisherman was aware of the fact that according to his deal with god he owed the church one big fish.

after sometime he thought ….days were pretty tough for me for a week i had nothing to eat and so many bills to pay and fifty percent of my catch to the church is too much so lets renegotiate the deal to say a forty sixty.


a few hours passed and the fisherman was halfway to shore he thought again…forty sixty is also a bit harsh with the inflation and stuff maybe a twenty eighty would be fine.

a couple of hours passed and he was almost near to the shore when a thought struck his mind….

why does god need my money??? he is the wealthiest man in the whole universe let me keep the hundred percent….

while thinking this the two big fish which was on his boat suddenly jumped out of his boat into the water……..

the fisherman was very angry with god……he shouted to god….ohhhhh come onnn i was just joking.